Unblock Canal Plus outside France Watch with VPN or DNS Proxy

How to watch Canal Plus outside France with VPN or Smart DNS? Canal Plus provides residents of France with the best of French TV both live and on-demand. Canal+ Cinema, Sport, Family, Series, TF1, and M6 are all part of the Canal+ package. Unfortunately, all of these channels are geo-restricted outside France. That means if you are a French expat in USA, UK, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, or Canada, you are not allowed to watch Canal Plus due to geographic restrictions. To overcome this issue, you need to mask your online location. This can be done in two ways: Using VPN or Smart DNS proxies.

Unblock Canal Plus outside France Watch with VPN or DNS Proxy

Unblock Canal Plus outside France Watch with VPN or DNS Proxy

How to Watch Canal+ outside France with VPN

What you essentially need to unblock Canal Plus abroad is a French IP address. The problem is that you cannot just simply change your IP address, unless you are using VPN that is. A virtual private network basically is a secure remote server that you can connect to in order to encrypt your traffic. The location of that server determines your new IP address. In other words, if you connect to a French VPN server, your PC will appear to be surfing the web from France although you have not changed your physical location at all.

  • By using VPN, you can unblock all French TV channels. This includes TF1, Molotov TV, Canal+, myCanal, and CanalPlay.
  • As long as you are connected to VPN, all of your Internet traffic is securely encrypted.
  • If you want to appear to be using your real IP address again, simply disconnect the VPN connection.
  • You can apply the same principle to unblock geoblocked channels from other region. Of course, in that case, you have to connect to a different VPN server depending on the streaming channel you want to watch.

Use ExpressVPN to watch Canal Plus outside France. Other VPN providers also have French VPN servers you can connect to to unblock geoblocked French streaming channels abroad.


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How to Unblock Canal Plus outside France using Smart DNS Proxies

S0, you’re traveling abroad to USA, UK, Canada, or Australia, launch the myCanal app and try to watch a video. Instead of the live stream, you get the following geolocation error. “Pour des raisons de droits d’exploitation des programmes, le service live n’est pas disponible en dehors de la France Métropolitaine.” Using Smart DNS allows you to trick Canal+ into thinking you are located in France.

  • Sign up with a well-known Smart DNS proxy service that supports unblocking Canal+ abroad.
  • Configure Smart DNS on your streaming devices (PS3, PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, Smart TV, Apple TV, FireTV, iOS, Android, PC, or Mac) by following these setup guides and videos.
  • Watch Canal Plus or myCanal outside France.
  • You can unblock Molotov TV and France TV using the same procedure.

Jump over to Unlocator if you want to use Smart DNS instead of VPN to watch Canal Plus abroad. Take advantage of their free 7-day trial to test their service.

Unblock Canal+ outside France with VPN or Smart DNS Proxies

Finally, keep in mind that neither VPN nor Smart DNS eliminate the need for a valid subscription to the channel you want to watch, including Canal Plus. Both solutions only help you bypass regional restrictions imposed on geoblocked channels.



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