How to Unblock BeIN Sports in USA/UK – Watch with VPN or Smart DNS

Arabic BeIN Sports is a platform dedicated on a site that only allows its local residents to tune in and watch this sports channel. BeIN Sports formerly known as Al Jazeera Sport brings its viewers high level competitions including the World Cup, Champions League. The problem with watching BeIN Sports is that it is only broadcasted in the middle east and part of North Africa, in countries including Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine. If you are living in other countries such as the US, UK, Canada, France, or Australia – you will not be able to stream this channel normally. For this purpose, two methods have been introduced to be able to stream BeIN Sports in other countries. Arabic BeIN Sports is a widely viewed channel on cable TV and supports device including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Smart TV

How to Unblock BeIN Sports in USA/UK - Watch with VPN or Smart DNS

How to Unblock BeIN Sports in USA/UK – Watch with VPN or Smart DNS

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How to Watch Arabic BeIN Sports in USA/UK using a VPN

To be able to stream this channel directly off your device can be done by using something called a Virtual Private Network. VPN’s are being used all over the world these days for multiple purposes, using one you can bypass the geographical restrictions set on you and be able to unblock the content on BeIN Sports. Basically, a VPN changes your computer’s IP address to one which which is of the middle east, and that way the servers will be think that your computer is actually in the designated area; so they will allow you to stream it. VPN’s are also useful for unblocking content on other sites such as HBO Go, Showtime, KlowdTV, BBC iPlayer, and Stan.

  • What you need to do first is register for a VPN that you believe can do the job for you, search around and find something that suits you.
  • Then download and install any drivers and softwares that VPN needs to function with on all the devices you want to stream on. VPN’s support most devices such as PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • One of the main reasons people opt for a VPN is simply for the security and privacy upgrade for their computer. VPN’s offer the user extra security as well as privacy – while surfing the net

ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN that comes with a thirty day return agreement, this VPN should be able to take care of a task such as bypassing geographical restrictions. Other than ExpressVPN there are hundreds of functioning VPN’s that will do this job with ease.


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How to Unblock Arabic BeIN Sports in USA/UK using a Smart DNS Proxy

Another method to take into consideration when deciding on how to unblock BeIN Sports in the USA or the UK, is by using a Smart DNS Proxy. These proxies are a bit tougher to implement than VPN’s as they require you to put in some effort when configuring your network configuration. The way a Smart DNS Proxy works is by simply redirecting the traffic coming into your computer and sending it to a server where the IP address will be recognized and hence allow you to stream content on Arabic BeIN Sports.

  • The advantage of using a Smart DNS Proxy is the fact that your internet connection will not drop in bandwidth by adding this proxy.
  • Another advantage is that when you are using a Smart DNS Proxy, you will not need to change your virtual location when you want to view b on a different platform. For example, if you want to watch Willow TV or Shahid Plus, you can do so without having to configure your network.
  • Smart DNS Proxies can be used on many devices including your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smart TV, and Apple TV.
  • The issue that arises when using a Smart DNS Proxy is that your ISP can hijack and use transparent proxies to bring down your connect so you will not be able to stream.

Unlocator is a decent Smart DNS Proxy service aided with a seven day free trial in which you can test out the service and see if it is capable of working with your requirements. Along with this, you also get setup videos and guides in case you need help setting up the Smart DNS Proxy.

Should I use a VPN or a Smart DNS Proxy to Unblock BeIN Sports in the USA/UK?

Well you need to understand what each service has to offer you, and only then will you actually be able to make a decision. VPN has a more secure but slower connection with a fast install procedure, although the Smart DNS Proxy service has a faster connection but requires a little work to be done in order to install it. Just remember one thing, whatever service you choose – it will work out for you. They both have a certain amount of trial days, so you can see if it is fulfilling your standards or not; before buying it.

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