US Netflix on iPhone – Unblock with VPN DNS Proxy

Unblock and watch American Netflix on iPhone. Each Netflix region has different content. You can change yours and get the US Netflix region on your iPhone using VPN or Smart DNS proxy. This process will add up to 10,000 movie and TV show titles to your Netflix library. Whether you live in UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, or Brazil, read this guide on how to unblock US Netflix on iPhone or any iOS device.

How to unblock and watch US Netflix on iPhone via VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

How to unblock and watch US Netflix on iPhone via VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

US Netflix on iPhone – Unblock via VPN

If you have never used VPN before, you’re probably wondering what it is. Well, VPN channels all your traffic through a Virtual Private Network. “Private” means no one can snoop on you when connected to VPN. Not your ISP, nosy neighbor, or even hackers. The great thing about connecting to a remote VPN server, is that your IP address changes according to the country the VPN server is based in. This means connecting to a US-based VPN server allows you to acquire an American IP address. The next time you launch the Netflix app on your iPhone, it will treat it as if its American. Hence, access to US Netflix.

Have a look at the best VPNs to unblock American Netflix on iPhone.


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US Netflix on iPhone – Unblock via Smart DNS

Smart DNS is functions in a different manner. When you sign up with a Smart DNS service like Unlocator, (try their free 7-day trial), you will be given free DNS codes. All you have to do is change the DNS servers on your iPhone and replace them with the ones from Unlocator. Create free Unlocator account here. Of course, there are setup guides for newbies. But you only have to apply this procedure once anyway.

US Netflix on iPhone – VPN or Smart DNS?

Now that you have acquired some basic knowledge about VPN and Smart DNS, it’s time to choose one of them to unblock American Netflix on your iPhone. This can be a bit tricky. I’ve prepared the table below which contrasts the features of VPN against those of Smart DNS. Hovering or clicking on each feature will show you more information.

FeatureVPNSmart DNS
Virtual Country IP.
Access All Sites in Geoblocked Country.
Unblock Social Networks.
Unblock All Netflix Regions
Bypass DNS Hijacking.
Bypass Transparent Proxies.
Data Encryption Protection.
No Internet Speed Reduction.
Compatible With All Devices.
Simultaneous Geo Locations.
Retain Local IP Address.
Instant Netflix Region Changes.

How to Get American Netflix on iPhone – Conclusion

You can use either Smart DNS or VPN to unblock US Netflix on your iPhone. Given the iPhone’s flexibility, both methods are easy to setup.

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