American Channels on Roku – Unblock & Watch US Content

How to add, unblock, and watch American channels on Roku? Roku is a popular streaming device which allows you to watch Netflix, HBO, Showtime, WWE Network, Hulu, and on your TV. That is if you are located in the US. In order to unblock US channels on your Roku in UK, Canada, France, Australia, or Germany, you have to use VPN or Smart DNS.

How to add, unblock, and watch American Channels on Roku - VPN or Smart DNS

How to add, unblock, and watch American Channels on Roku – VPN or Smart DNS

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American Roku Account -How to Create

You cannot add US channels to your Roku without having an American Roku account. Follow the steps below after you have using one of the methods below on your PC/Mac.

  • Reset your Roku device.
  • Sign up for a new Roku account. If you are not using VPN or Smart DNS on your PC/Mac during this process, your account will be flagged as non-US.
  • Setup your router with VPN or Smart DNS.
  • Log into your Roku account on your device.
  • Add any US channel. (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO..)

American Channels on Roku – Unblock with VPN

VPN allows you to unblock geoblocked content on Roku and other streaming devices. That’s because VPN changes your IP address to an American one. Hence, Roku will be tricked into thinking your geo-location is based in US.

  • Since VPN cannot be installed on the Roku itself, you have to setup VPN on a compatible router instead.
  • Once you’ve installed VPN on your router. Connect to an American VPN server. This will unblock all US channels on your Roku. Watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Vudu, HBO on Roku outside US.
  • VPN performs a full encryption of your traffic. That’s very important if you care about your online security and privacy.
  • Some ISPs use transparent proxies and DNS hijacking. These methods mean that Smart DNS won’t work for you. VPN will still unblock US channels on your Roku even if your ISP uses such methods.

My favorite VPN provides is ExpressVPN. They’ve got server all around the globe. These are the top VPN providers when it comes to unblocking and watching US channels on Roku.


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American Channels on Roku – Watch via Smart DNS

Smart DNS also helps you bypass regional restrictions on Roku. Using Smart DNS, you do not get a US IP address. Instead, the parts of your traffic that reveal your geolocation get rechanneled. As with VPN, Smart DNS cannot be configured directly on Roku. To unblock US channels on Roku using Smart DNS, follow these steps.

  • Get a free Unlocator account here.
  • Roku’s network settings cannot be configured. Setup Unlocator DNS on your router using these guides instead.
  • No Internet speed reduction when using Smart DNS.
  • Smart DNS is compatible with all your streaming devices.
  • Smart DNS does not change your IP address. Access to all local websites will not be affected.
  • DNS Hijacking and transparent proxies will stop Smart DNS from working like it should.

Unlocator supports all popular American streaming channels on Roku. In all, Unlocator supports over 211 geoblocked channels.

Roku Devices with American Channels

  • Roku 1
  • Roku 2
  • Roku 3
  • Roku 4
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Roku LT

Top American Channels on Roku

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • WWE Network
  • Showtime
  • Showtime Anytime
  • HBO GO
  • HBO Now
  • Crackle
  • NFL Now
  • NHL Game Center
  • Sling TV
  • ESPN
  • FXNow
  • Vudu

 Unblock US Channels on Roku – VPN or Smart DNS?

Each method, VPN or Smart DNS, has its advantages and disadvantages over the other solution. If you look at the table below, you can make up your mind on which service suits your needs the best.

FeatureVPNSmart DNS
Virtual Country IP.
Access All Sites in Geoblocked Country.
Unblock Social Networks.
Unblock All Netflix Regions
Bypass DNS Hijacking.
Bypass Transparent Proxies.
Data Encryption Protection.
No Internet Speed Reduction.
Compatible With All Devices.
Simultaneous Geo Locations.
Retain Local IP Address.
Instant Netflix Region Changes.

American Channels on Roku – Bottom Line

If you’re still unsure of whether to use VPN or Smart DNS to watch US channels on your Roku, simply drop a comment below and we’ll gladly help you out.


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