Sky Go outside UK – How to Unblock & Watch Online

How to unblock and watch Sky Go outside UK. Sky Go probably is one of the best online streaming services in the world. However, it’s geoblocked outside UK. If you are a UK expat or student studying abroad or on vacation, you’ll get a regional error when trying to stream videos via the Sky Go app. To bypass these geo-restrictions and access Sky Go in US, Spain, Australia, Canada, or France, use Smart DNS proxy or VPN.

Unblock & Watch Sky Go outside UK using VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

Unblock & Watch Sky Go outside UK using VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

How to unblock Sky Go outside UK – VPN

Any IP address that does not belong to the UK gets geoblocked by Sky. That’s why you cannot stream Sky Go abroad during your vacation. To overcome this issue, you have to change your IP address to UK. Using VPN makes this possible. Not only that. You also get to encrypt all of your traffic which adds an extra layer of online protection. The whole VPN setup is straight forward.

Once connected to a UK VPN server, you simultaneously unblock BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Now TV, UK Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other channels. Streaming speeds vary from one VPN provider to another. Here are the best VPN services to unblock and watch Sky Go outside UK.


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Sky Go As an Expat – Unblock Online with Smart DNS.

Alternatively, you could use Smart DNS to access and stream Sky Go outside UK. Smart DNS only takes care of the part of your connection that reveal your location. Thus, your Internet speed does not slow down. To setup Smart DNS, you have to change the DNS settings on your device.

Unlocator is a Smart DNS proxy service. They support around 213 channels which include Sky Go, Now TV, BBC iPlayer, 4oD, Channel 5 and other UK channels. If you need help with the setup, see Unlocator’s setup tutorials.

Unblock and Watch Sky Go Abroad – VPN vs DNS

Both VPN and Smart DNS allow you to unblock Sky Go outside UK. If you wish to hide your online activity and encrypt your traffic, choose VPN. If you’re more concerned about your bandwidth, go with Smart DNS. Keep in mind that Smart DNS is easier to setup on Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. Here are the main advantages of each solution.

*You can hover or click on each feature for more details.

FeatureVPNSmart DNS
Virtual Country IP.
Access All Sites in Geoblocked Country.
Unblock Social Networks.
Unblock All Netflix Regions
Bypass DNS Hijacking.
Bypass Transparent Proxies.
Data Encryption Protection.
No Internet Speed Reduction.
Compatible With All Devices.
Simultaneous Geo Locations.
Retain Local IP Address.
Instant Netflix Region Changes.

Sky Go outside UK on Vacation – Conclusion

This is basically all the information you need to know about how to unblock and watch Sky Go outside UK via VPN or Smart DNS. For further questions, kindly use the comment box.


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