Unblock Sling TV outside USA How to Watch with VPN Proxy

How to watch Sling TV outside USA with VPN or Smart DNS proxies? Sling TV is a live online streaming services currently available in USA. It is currently supported on Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. The live American channels you can watch via Sling include ESPN, Fox, FXNow, CNN, Freeform, Disney, and many more. While US cord-cutters can take full advantage of Sling TV, American expats living abroad are not so lucky due to the fact Sling is geoblocked in UK, Australia, Canada, France, and Germany. Using VPN or Smart DNS allows you to unblock and watch Sling TV outside USA. Read the following tutorial for more info on how to avoid annoying geographic restrictions.

Unblock Sling TV outside USA How to Watch with VPN Proxy

Unblock Sling TV outside USA How to Watch with VPN Proxy

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How to Watch Sling TV outside USA with VPN?

Geo-restrictions apply to all major American streaming channels. This included Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Sling. If you live in the USA, you have access to all of these channels. But what happens if you travel abroad? Well, even if you have a valid subscription, you will not be able to watch any of these channels due to geo-blocks. You might be able to sign in, but when trying to play any video, you will be presented with an error message that states that the video you are trying to watch is only available in USA. How exactly do these channels know that you are currently living overseas? The answer lies in your IP address. IP addresses are distributed according to your location i.e. people living in USA get different IP addressees than those living in Canada for instance. By using your IP address, Sling TV is able to determine whether you are eligible to watch its live stream or not.

  • You can get an American IP address using VPN regardless of where you live.
  • VPN provides you with more privacy and security while browsing the web thanks to a full encryption.
  • VPN apps can be easily installed on Android, iOS, PC, Mac. All what is left to do after that is connecting to an American VPN server.
  • Once you have established an American VPN connection, you can watch whichever US channel you want abroad.

If you are looking for a VPN provider to unblock and watch Sling TV abroad, jump over to ExpressVPN. They have multiple American VPN servers which means you can get a US IP address from various American states. Other top VPN providers can also help you remove geoblocks on any Amerivcan streaming channel you want.


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Unblock Sling TV in UK, Canada, Australia using Smart DNS Proxies

Of course, VPN is not the only workaround to bypass geo-restrictions. You can use Smart DNS proxies for the same purposes. I should also note that you do not get a new IP address with Smart DNS. Instead, only the channel you are trying to unblock will think you are located in USA. All your other browsing activities will continue to function as they would normally do. This is extremely helpful if you want to watch geo-restricted content without losing access to any of your local channels.

  • Smart DNS does not encrypt your Internet traffic. No extra privacy.
  • You can configure Smart DNS on Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android. To unblock Sling on Roku, you have to setup Smart DNS on your router.
  • Your Internet speed will not change if you are using Smart DNS proxies.
  • If you suspect that your ISP uses DNS hijacking or transparent proxies, turn to VPN instead of Smart DNS as these practices will potentially hinder Smart DNS.

Out of all the Smart DNS proxy services I tested, Unlocator worked the best with Sling TV. I was able to watch Sling on PC, Mac, iPad, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, as well as Xbox One. You can try out Unlocator for free by signing up for a one-week trial. To setup Smart DNS on your streaming device, simply follow these vidoes/instruction tutorials.

Unblock and Watch Sling TV outside USA with Smart DNS or VPN

Keep in mind that neither VPN or Smart DNS will remove the need for a valid subscription to the channel you want to unblock. You still have to sign in using a Sling TV account even when using VPN/Smart DNS. If you are an American expat living abroad you can still use your US credit card and address to sign up with Sling. Otherwise, you might need to purchase a virtual US credit card online.

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