American Netflix on Smart TV outside USA Unblock/Watch VPN DNS Proxy

How to get American Netflix on Smart TV? To unblock US Netflix on your Smart TV, you have to use one of two solution. Either install VPN and change your IP address to American. Or, use Smart DNS and hide your location online. Both will help you bypass regional restrictions. I will compare them in this help guide. Read on for more info on how to watch American Netflix on your Smart TV in UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, Australia, etc..

How to Unblock and Watch American Netflix on Smart TV using VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

How to Unblock and Watch American Netflix on Smart TV using VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

American Netflix on Smart TV – VPN

The Netflix content you get to access is dictated by your IP address. That means switching your IP address allows you to change your Netflix region. This is exactly what VPN does. Allowing you to change your virtual location online. Since Smart TVs do not have a VPN client, you have to enable VPN on Smart TV using a workaround.

  • Smart TVs do not have VPN clients. You can install VPN on your PC and then enable network sharing on it. Or, you can install VPN directly on your router if it is compatible.
  • Connecting to an American VPN server grants you a US IP address. Thus, you can unblock and watch all US channels supported on your Smart TV.
  • Internet speed might get a slight knock when using VPN. That’s because your traffic is being encrypted. No eavesdropping from your ISP.
  • Smart DNS can be useless if your ISP uses transparent proxies or DNS hijacking. No such issues with VPN.

I’m a big fan of ExpressVPN given their excellent support. Take a look at the top 3 ranked VPN provider for US Netflix on Smart TV.


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American Netflix on Smart TV – Smart DNS

Using Smart DNS also allows you to change Netflix region to US. In this case, you need to sign up for a Smart DNS service like Unlocator. Do not use free DNS codes you find online. They might severely jeopardize your private information. Click here to create a free Unlocator account. Once done, enter the DNS codes obtained on your Smart TV. This is the whole process.

  • Smart DNS does not encrypt your traffic like VPN. In return, your Internet speed practically stays the same.
  • Smart DNS can be directly configured on your Smart TV. No need for router access to unblock US Netflix on your Smart TV.
  • You can easily switch Netflix regions on your Smart TV using Smart DNS without changing your Smart DNS configuration again.
  • DNS hijacking and transparent proxies might prohibit you from benefiting from Smart DNS.

If you need help with setup, check out Unlocator DNS guides. In addition to Netflix, Unlocator allows you to unblock over 200 other streaming channels on your streaming devices.

US Netflix – Compatible Smart TV Models.

American Netflix can be unblocked on the following Smart TVs.

  • Sony Bravia
  • Panasonic Viera
  • Samsung
  • Vizio
  • LG
  • Philips
  • Sharp

Unblock US Netflix on Smart TV – VPN or DNS?

The table below makes it easier to choose whether to use VPN or Smart DNS to change your Netflix region on Smart TV. Move your mouse or click on each feature for further information.

FeatureVPNSmart DNS
Virtual Country IP.
Access All Sites in Geoblocked Country.
Unblock Social Networks.
Unblock All Netflix Regions
Bypass DNS Hijacking.
Bypass Transparent Proxies.
Data Encryption Protection.
No Internet Speed Reduction.
Compatible With All Devices.
Simultaneous Geo Locations.
Retain Local IP Address.
Instant Netflix Region Changes.

American Netflix on Smart TV – How to Unblock

Smart DNS is the simpler choice to unblock US Netflix on Smart TV. However, VPN does an equally impressive job if setup correctly. For further info, just drop a comment below.


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