American Netflix on Xbox One 360 – Unblock/Watch DNS VPN Proxy

How to watch US Netflix on Xbox 360/Xbox One? American Netflix contains the biggest movie library. So how can I switch my UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil Netflix region to US? VPN or Smart DNS Proxy allow you to bypass these regional restrictions. Read the following tutorial, on how to unblock US Netflix on your Xbox One/360 device using Smart DNS or VPN. 

How to switch American Netflix region on Xbox One 360 using VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

How to switch American Netflix region on Xbox One 360 using VPN or Smart DNS Proxy

Xbox ONE/360 – Change American Netflix Region using VPN

Netflix knows which region you are in by looking at your IP address. This means changing your IP address grants you access to different Netflix regions. That’s what VPN does. Install a VPN client. Connect to a US VPN server. Unblock US Netflix on your Xbox device. Since neither the Xbox One or the Xbox 360 have a VPN client, you cannot directly install VPN on them. There are two alternatives. Install VPN on a VPN-compatible router. Or, install VPN on your PC/Mac and enable network sharing.

Here are my preferred VPN providers for unblocking American Netflix on Xbox.


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Xbox One/360 – Watch American Netflix using Smart DNS

Smart DNS does not change your IP address. Instead, it hides your true location from Netflix. To set it up, enter the DNS codes you obtain online on your Xbox via network settings. That is all there is to it. Click here for a free Unlocator account. If you haven’t setup DNS on your Xbox before, these setup guides will come in handy. In addition to Netflix, there are about 211 other geoblocked channels you can access on your Xbox using Unlocator.

VPN or Smart DNS Proxy for Xbox?

For readers who are undecided which method, Smart DNS or VPN,  to choose in order to unblock Netflix on XBox, take a look at each method’s main features.

FeatureVPNSmart DNS
Virtual Country IP.
Access All Sites in Geoblocked Country.
Unblock Social Networks.
Unblock All Netflix Regions
Bypass DNS Hijacking.
Bypass Transparent Proxies.
Data Encryption Protection.
No Internet Speed Reduction.
Compatible With All Devices.
Simultaneous Geo Locations.
Retain Local IP Address.
Instant Netflix Region Changes.

Unblock American Netflix on Xbox – The Lowdown.

You can get US Netflix on your Xbox thanks to Smart DNS and VPNThe same methods also allow you to unblock other geoblocked content on your Xbox like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, Showtime.

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